Monday, 22 May 2017

There's no place like home ...

They say that there's no place like home, right?

I often get that feeling of anger or maybe sadness after a nice trip which I to would call a post trip syndrome.
I could describe it as the first state of a slight depression that we might suffer after being abroad. Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be abroad but somewhere where we felt like in heaven.

So, I've just come back from one of those places that made me feel like that and I realised that, each time, after being somewhere else I catch myself on being sad, let alone depressed.

Why does that happen? Is it because you had such a great time wherever you were or maybe because it was just a clear out for your mind? Does it have to do with the place you chose to travel to or maybe with the company you were surrounded by?

What if there's always that feeling inside of you that you don't belong to any of those places, what if you can't really stand living in one city for a long period of time?

I guess that what if  could go on forever. Nevertheless, I know that wherever I go I leave there a little piece of my heart, and anytime I can easily recall that little box, that we all have inside of us, that is full of memories, and just make myself feel better.

And even though people say you shouldn't hold on to memories I believe that this is the one thing that can never be taken away from us, which makes it very special and unique.

As always I end up talking about something else then I wanted to write about first.

I hope that at least in parts you were able to understand what I was trying to tell you :)

Have a good night x

Friday, 12 May 2017


I remember someone told me once the less you know the better. 

I was on the train, had so much time to think, in fact, it was more overthinking rather than thinking. Anyways, the sentence that I mention above crossed my mind and I thought  I wish sometimes I didn't know as much as I do. Sounds really mysterious, doesn't it? Well, I'm not really trying to discover anything new by saying that, I just know that many times to know is leading to misery. Why is that?

Do you recall my previous blog where I said that travelling is not as amazing as everyone is telling us? Same happens with knowledge, at least it does happen to me every now and then.

I do like History, and I believe that it is important to know where you're coming from, what are your roots, who were your ancestors and what did they believe in. However, I get this shiver when I'm reading next book about Holocaust or Spanish Civil War or any other book that reminds us of the cruelty that a human being was and yet is able to commit. That kind of books make me question my life my beliefs, which is good, nevertheless, they make me feel sad. I realise it sounds trivial, but by knowing more and more I loose something that should never be taken away from us, hope.
Hope that we are able to create a better life and world for ourselves.
It probably appears highly pessimistic, but every day we are surrounded by negativity.
Our friends, family, the news they all are mostly transmitting bad information, not the good one.
Do I want that for myself? I know it is inevitable, and certainly, it is up to me whether I let that affect me or nor, but sometimes I just feel like if only I lived in a lost house somewhere in the woods.
I would probably grow my own vegetables, I would probably go for long walks, I would enjoy every single minute, you know why? Because I simply wouldn't know that there is something else out there.
I wouldn't compare that the river here is uglier than the river in Spain. That we have less sunny days than Italy does, that my friend earns more money even though she doesn't even have a degree.
What is more, I wouldn't know what cruelty means because I wouldn't have anyone to show or teach me what it is.  However, I also would what love is and within ten nasty people I would never get to know 1 person who is worth fighting for.

Is it better not to know? I have no clue, but the idea of leaving everything behind even if it was only for 2/3 days does sound tempting!
No phone, no facebook, no friends, no family, no books just you and nature.
Well, we would probably go nuts after couple of days, but it is worth giving a try :)

Good night x

Saturday, 6 May 2017


It´s Saturday again!! :)

I caught myself thinking today about all those breathtaking places. Unfortunately, as a person who still belongs to a young-ish generation, I do have Instagram and it is full of photos of the places that are just incredible. I could stare at them forever! 
I'm just really into nature, lake, sea, forest it just makes me so peaceful. However, this is not exactly what I want to write about. 

Have you ever had that feeling like the more you travel the more unquenchable you are? Well, I have, in fact, I often have that feeling. 

As you may have noticed there are many people who would tell you how amazing the travelling is, not me though I'm here to tell you that it it not as wonderful as it seems.
You're probably thinking I'm nuts but just think for a second... 

Are you getting my point yet? Nope, ok let me explain. 

What they don't tell you is that once you start, once you see the beauty of the "difference"  you'll never be able to stop!
You want to explore more and more and you have never enough! 
You start to feel that your life is not long enough and you'll never be able to see what the world has yet to offer :)

Obviously, I'm a little bit of a joker here, nevertheless, I do believe in bits in what I've written :)

Have a good day x

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Just do it

Just do it 

This sentence is mostly associated with nike brand, isn´t it? Straightaway we connect it with a workout, with strength or with being fit? Do you agree with me on that? Recently people got caught up in that fit freak revolution that they tend to forget that just do it doesn't have to mean move your bum and do some exercise. There's no doubt that workout is good for you. I'm not trying to question that, what is more, I'm also a person who tries to go jogging or at least go for a walk as it helps me to clear my mind. However, today I'd like to tell you that any dream that you have anything that you wish for the smallest desire that you have JUST DO IT!

I know it will sound silly since it's me who's saying that and, oh well I'm only 24 and what could I possibly know right? Nevertheless, I heard that sentence somewhere and I truly love it!

There's nothing worst then wake up one day being old and realise that there's something that you haven't done, haven't tried, haven't experienced.

I'm aware of the fact that many of those dreams that we have are quite hard to achieve, as the is involved, however, think about it in this way: the more you try closer you get to your goal. What's more, many times on the way of getting what you want you learn so many different things, you get to know amazing people, you gain experience and this, my dear is priceless.

I remember when I was I high school I used to envy my friends that they would go to all those language courses abroad, and my family simply couldn't afford it. I used to think that I would never be able to come to the level of English that they had, and here I am I know 3 different languages.

I still keep in my mind that feeling of pride when I went to Spain and I paid all the trip for my own earned money.

There were so many things I was afraid to do because either I thought that I wasn't good enough or I was terrified that I would fail. And I did fail sometimes, but guess what it was all worth it!!! I met amazing people I developed as a human being and I don't regret a single second of it.
ou probably wonder what is it that I did. Well, I might tell you anytime soon :)

For now, just hear me out: JUST DO IT !!!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Self -love

From the outset, we are taught that loving yourself is about being narcissistic. Therefore, instead of self-acceptance and self-love, we develop in our consciousness self-hatred as it is better to be miserable than to be aware of your own value.

I imagine that it might seem like I'm overreacting, but deep down you probably agree with me, our society don't appreciate people who are openly talking about their virtues or success. They are considered to be big-headed. The biggest value seems to be only contributed to modesty.
I do believe that being modest is an excellent quality, however, it is to often mistaken with being austere with yourself.

But, let's cut to the chase!

First thing first I need to mention that self-acceptance is a constant process it's not something that you can attain from one day to another. I believe that people should question and ponder themselves whether they do accept fully and unconditionally who they really are. Which means that not only we accept the good parts but also those bad ones.

Many times we don't like certain parts of ourselves, like those ones where we have fears or anxieties or different flaws. However, we ought to be aware of its existence in order to change it. Nothing will ever improve if you'll be constantly judging yourself. It's like this vicious circle. Think about it this way all that energy that we are consuming on judging, criticising ourselves we could be doing so many different creative things :)

So, do not think that loving yourself is  necessarily a bad thing, when you do it in order to improve yourself there's nothing wrong with that

Have a good day x


Monday, 3 April 2017

Moaning :(

Hello there !!!!

It's almost 11pm and I'm already lying in my bed and, as stupid as it sounds, I thought why not write a blog??? :)

I've been thinking about it a lot recently, as this is something that really bothers me.
They say that the think that we most hate in other people is our biggest flaw.

In this case is seems to be true for me :)

I do not appreciate people moaning anywhere close to me :) It's just one of that think that strongly impacts out humor/ wellbeing. You're like that sponge that absorbs all the negativity...

I'd love to know how to fight that feeling of being down and trying to put blame on everything rather then yourself!

You're creating your own life, we shall all remember that. However, I know how hard it gets, I feel like I'm moaning and complaining all the time, which I'm certainly not proud of.

I'd love to know how to fight it? Any ideas??

For now I'm off, hopefully next time I'll have the answer for that question.

Have a good night :)

Saturday, 25 March 2017


Hello everybody x 

It's Saturday, don't you all just love Saturdays?!
It's a day when you finally get to have some rest and you can dedicate all the 24 hours, that a day has, to yourself.
You can do whatever you want, without hesitating whether you have any duties or not :)

While thinking on what could I possibly write about today one book crossed my mind. :)

It's called Marley&me.

I feel as if it was today when I was 13 and my mum told me Alex get dressed we're going to pick up a dog. I was like mum WHAAAAT? I had been asking my mum for a dog since forever and she was constantly saying no, when one day she just said let's go.

Norka was only 2 months back then, she wasn't even called Norka yet.
I knew from the first glance I took at her, that exactly it would be her, out of  5 other puppies that were running around like mad.

We weren't prepared AT ALL to become a new owner of a Labrador, in fact I knew nothing about that breed, besides the fact that they're really friendly to people.

I can still remember that pong in the car when she pooped on our way back home. HAHA now when I recall that memory it's hilarious but back then I was terrified.

I could never calculate how much money was wasted on all the things that she ate.
you would have never thought what those things were, since those obvious once such as food left on the table, cushions, shoes through phones, cables, books and yes, she even learned how to open the door to the bathroom flip over the laundry basket and bring out the smelly panties. Oh I know ... :)

There were so many damages !!!!!! Sometimes I really thought I wouldn't take it any longer.
However, it all was vanished by all the laugh I had with that dog, all the love that she brought into my life. I would have never thought that you can actually love an animal that much, and I was always an animal lover.
Even my grandma and my sister they both hated dogs, let alone they were afraid of them, but Nora has stolen their heart.

Norka is 10 and she's a senior now, she no longer make any mess but she's still adorable even though she sleeps almost all the time.

They say a dog is your best friend I don't agree because Nora is certainly something more then that to me !!!

Oh, I've totally forgotten!!! The BOOK !!!
Marley&me is a story about a family that also has a Labrador.
I'm not going to say anything more as you should definitely read that book the big laughter is guaranteed!
Well, if you are not a book lover then watch a movie :)