Wednesday, 24 January 2018

till death do us part

Hello everyone x

So, I guess this is a goodbye then, right?

For the past year and a half, I've been writing those blogs and I guess you got to know me a little bit. You must think I'm crazy and you're right I'm probably one of the craziest people on that planet.  :) However, that means that I'm extraordinary which is good, I hope you had fun reading those silly things I wrote. I wish you all the best and I hope that you'll get everything that you're looking for in life as we all deserve it.

I'll lave you a video that I really like so that whenever you doubt in your own abilities you'll  know where to look for an inspiration.

Love, Miss, Bye

Monday, 15 January 2018

PKP traveller

It's been 9 hours now since I'm trapped in that big piece of metal that our train are. I don't think I have to mention how bad they are haha they're like almost never on time. Mime has 45 mins delays and since I'm traveling from Rzeszow to PoznaƆ every 5 minutes of delay seems to be eternal :)

Anyways isn't it a perfect time to catch up with my post, right?

Well I got myself thinking, for the past few years I would always out my work and studies first. I'd resign families encounters,weekends with friends just because there was always something to do at uni or work. I was trying so so hard not only to be good at what I do (I can't say I do like studying what I study) but also to try to get scholarship and just to prove something to myself. This year, I didn't get a scholarship just because other people made other choices and chose different assignments which were easier to get good grades from. Trust me I'm not moaning or complaining it's true. But anyways that's not the case, one day my sister asked me Alex will you actually remember any of those grades that you have or will you have an empty whole where your friends and family have memories. It really got me!!!!!!
I was like she's so so right, it really doesn't matter, of course I still like to get better at those things that i like and be passionate about it but I won't let it go in between my life.
I'm just coming back from my auntie 60 anniversary, she lives so far away, together with my grandma and my vousins. I don't get to see her often so why would I worry whether someone will tell me off for that?
There are so many strange rules that you need to follow for example at uni, or even work. I guess that sometimes you need to be a little rebel because otherwise if people see good they expect good all the time.

The funny thing is that we appreciate more when something extraordinary happens like when bad student gets a good grade ;)
Anyways that's all for now


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I want to make people happy

Hello there,

I'm not quite sure whether I wrote you about THAT lady before but even If I did I feel like it might not be ever enough of good comments about her. I refer to Elen Degeneres.

I absolutely adore that woman I think she's kind, intelligent, funny among all others positive qualities that she has.

Basically, she has her own TV show where she invites people and interviews them. Although a word interview does not really reflect all that she does.

Not only she makes people laugh, which is one of the things that she always said was her goal as laugh makes the world a better place, but also encourages people to simply do good.

Whenever I'm feeling a bit down I like to sit down and just watch her videos all over again. She's absolutely hilarious plus you know when you have the feeling like you know someone even though you've never seen them in a real life just because you can see through their eyes that they are nothing but genuine and benevolent? That's what I feel when I listen to what she has to say or watch what she does. I know these are not only empty words but it seems like everything that she does is a pure kindness.

Please do watch her videos on Youtube I'm sure you'll love it

Bye for now


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Being trapped

Hello everyone x
It's been a while now ;)
It's a gloomy Tuesday afternoon and I can't help the feeling of being a little bit overwhelmed. Nothing to be worried about as I guess it's quite normal.
I was thinking that recently I've been doing all the things that I'm supposed to do not the things that I'd like to do. Even when it comes to reading a book I choose those that supposedly are the intelligent ones. It just sometimes feels like as you're getting older and as you go further with your studies you are expected to be educated which stands for using accurate language, behave in the way that is imposed by others and even sometimes you are obliged to think what the others think. If that was bilateral conversation you'd probably say that I have all the rights to think on my own and do whatever I want. But let's be honest, do I really? You can't really say whatever is on your mind and neither you can do whatever you want. That's why sometimes I have this feeling of being trapped as you have to behave in the way that is said to be the right one? Who has the right to tell you what is bad or wrong? What does that even mean? I guess we all have to figure that out on our own and do things that are ture to our convictions. ;)

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Let it snow

Hello there!

I know that this would be one of my less productive or original blogs I´ve written. However, I couldn´t come up with any ideas for today´s blog and as I was sitting in my room just putting my laundry away I looked through the window and guess what it was all WHITE !!!

I know it sounds so dumb and silly but I just absolutely LOOOOOVEEE Xmas time! There´s something about this time of the year that makes me feel like I want to spread love and kindness and just be a better person. You probably wonder, shouldn´t you try to be a better version of yourself every single day? Well, yes I should and I'm trying to fight against all those flaws of mine on a daily basis but Xmas time is just that time that it seems to be easier to be good, kind and caring to people :)

Haha, you must be thinking now that girl is just nuts! You know what, you're probably right. I'm not even sure whether what I'm trying to say is clear to you I hope it is ;)

Anyways, today's post has become more of me being a babbler so I believe that's the right time to finish it :)

Let it snow xxx

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Home sweet home

Hello everybody :)

It's been over a month since I last was in my hometown, actually, I'm not sure whether I can call it a hometown as the place where I live it's a really small village.

Finally, I can take a deep breath and relax, it seems to be so hard to do that in a big city. I find it so hard to switch off my mind and to clear it when I am surrounded by noise, people and constant stress which is caused by all the deadlines that are imposed by others.
If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be actually enjoying life in a middle of nowhere I would have never believed you :) I was raised in a relatively big city so I couldn't picture my life anywhere else.

As I'm getting older, I know sounds a bit funny since I'm 24, I feel like this is my place, the place where I belong, the place where all those little things like the colour of leaves, sunrise, the lake that changes every single day make me feel happy and fulfilled.
I guess it wouldn't be the same If I was forced to live here on a daily basis, I realise that city gives you many different opportunities and commodities, however, I'm still trying to figure out was is it that I really want :)

Anyways, my today's blog feels a bit melancholic, so let me just leave you with that optimistic phrase, which I have probably mentioned before,  do more of what makes you feel happy. 

Monday, 27 November 2017

An elephant

Hey there, I´ve recently heard a nice story, which is why today I´d like to write you about it :)

So, there was a boy who often used to go to the circus. He really liked the animals, therefore going to the circus was his favourite thing to do.

Once he stayed a little bit longer just to see what happens with that massive elephant that he adored. He admired mostly the strength that it had, however, wasn't little his surprise when he saw his vigorous hero attached to the little stake which tamped down his paws. 

The boy couldn't understand why the animal wouldn't just try to escape, if only he tried he would definitely manage to free itself. 

It didn't take him a long time to ask his parents, his teacher and friends. Among lack of response, he got only one that he didn't like at all which was that the animal is just well-educated. 

Still, the boy couldn't neither understand nor resolve the mystery. 

After many years passed one day he, all grown-up now, and his son went to the circus and his little boy asked him the same question, as the father didn't have the answer they went to the elephant keeper.

Without any concern, he replied: Well it doesn't escape because he was attached to that kind of stake since he was very very little. Once he tried but it didn't work so he gave up on it. 

Both father and son pictured an innocent baby elephant pulling so hard in order to escape. But the more it tried the more pain it was causing. So he just stopped doing it. 

That massive elephant in the circus doesn't try to escape anymore because it is convinced that it won't be able to.  And the worst thing is that the elephant doesn't even question that fact anymore. 

Does the story sound familiar? 

Aren't we all like that elephant? We're going through our life attached to many stakes that hold us down.     

Sometimes all it takes is to give it another shot