Friday, 12 May 2017


I remember someone told me once the less you know the better. 

I was on the train, had so much time to think, in fact, it was more overthinking rather than thinking. Anyways, the sentence that I mention above crossed my mind and I thought  I wish sometimes I didn't know as much as I do. Sounds really mysterious, doesn't it? Well, I'm not really trying to discover anything new by saying that, I just know that many times to know is leading to misery. Why is that?

Do you recall my previous blog where I said that travelling is not as amazing as everyone is telling us? Same happens with knowledge, at least it does happen to me every now and then.

I do like History, and I believe that it is important to know where you're coming from, what are your roots, who were your ancestors and what did they believe in. However, I get this shiver when I'm reading next book about Holocaust or Spanish Civil War or any other book that reminds us of the cruelty that a human being was and yet is able to commit. That kind of books make me question my life my beliefs, which is good, nevertheless, they make me feel sad. I realise it sounds trivial, but by knowing more and more I loose something that should never be taken away from us, hope.
Hope that we are able to create a better life and world for ourselves.
It probably appears highly pessimistic, but every day we are surrounded by negativity.
Our friends, family, the news they all are mostly transmitting bad information, not the good one.
Do I want that for myself? I know it is inevitable, and certainly, it is up to me whether I let that affect me or nor, but sometimes I just feel like if only I lived in a lost house somewhere in the woods.
I would probably grow my own vegetables, I would probably go for long walks, I would enjoy every single minute, you know why? Because I simply wouldn't know that there is something else out there.
I wouldn't compare that the river here is uglier than the river in Spain. That we have less sunny days than Italy does, that my friend earns more money even though she doesn't even have a degree.
What is more, I wouldn't know what cruelty means because I wouldn't have anyone to show or teach me what it is.  However, I also would what love is and within ten nasty people I would never get to know 1 person who is worth fighting for.

Is it better not to know? I have no clue, but the idea of leaving everything behind even if it was only for 2/3 days does sound tempting!
No phone, no facebook, no friends, no family, no books just you and nature.
Well, we would probably go nuts after couple of days, but it is worth giving a try :)

Good night x

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